With the Great Recession and subsequent negative public sentiment and distrust toward banks, credit unions experienced a surge in membership. On November 5, 2011, record numbers of bank customers joined credit unions on the first Bank Transfer Day organized by Kristen Christian via social media.

This success resulted in more bank-led legislative attacks on credit unions. This time, banks sought to increase the tax burden of credit unions. In response, a grassroots campaign called "Don't Tax My Credit Union" was launched in 2013.

Spearheaded by CUNA, this effort encouraged credit union members to urge their legislators to protect credit unions' exemption from income taxes. At CUANY headquarters, hundreds of people rallied on August 22 to send the "Don't tax my credit union" message; a nationwide virtual rally followed in October.

In 2014, CUNA and CUANY both announced significant milestones in credit union membership. Credit union membership had reached 100 million U.S. members, while New York State had reached 5 million members.

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